What can ProTech do for you?

ProTech Enterprises provides full turnkey product design and development services and design engineering services for organizations that do not have available engineering resources or that need additional engineering support. ProTech has extensive experience in design and engineering for a wide range of projects and products.

ProTech engineers have a broad wealth of expertise in electrical, mechanical, software, firmware, and manufacturing engineering and can get products to market quickly. Our contract engineering services help you get projects done, whether the project is turnkey or a component of a larger project.

Electronic Design Services

One of ProTech's core capabilities is electronic design services. ProTech has helped many clients bring new technologies and updated product designs from concept to manufactured products.

Solid, Reliable Product Designs and Engineering

When you need specialized product design and engineering, electronic product design services, additional manpower for an electrical or mechanical engineering team, or just need some extra engineering support for an urgent project, you can count on ProTech to help you make your projects successful and your products work.

Development Process

When ProTech begins work on your project, we implement our proven development process. This process encompasses four areas:

1. Project Requirements
2. Project Implementation
3. Verification
4. Production

Project Requirements includes the development of system specifications, early prototypes, and documentation.

Project Implementation encompasses completing system designs, creating simulations and models, developing prototypes, conducting product testing, and documenting the development process.

Verification involves using our application of Quality Assurance to develop product testing procedures, assembly procedures, and QA procedures.

Production completes the process with identification of manufacturing facilities; the creation of production tooling, fixtures, and test equipment; the generation of quality reports; and the delivery of a Project Data Package upon project completion.

During the process of arriving at successful technical solutions to your project's needs, ProTech uses your requirements and industry standards requirements, quality assurance processes, project management tools, and verification of technical solutions.