The newest addition to our Industry 4.0 performance line. Exceptional high-speed functions. Incredible modularity. Easy to integrate. Out-of-the box performance with minimal setup.



Fully featured embedded microcontroller electronic system featuring a 5-inch touch display. A part of our Industry 4.0 SmartLync™ product line. DynoMax includes dual microcontrollers, dual FPGA logic, two USB hosting ports, a USB-to-PC device port, fully integrated SmartLync ports, and a generous I/O expansion portfolio of common interface ports which include I2C, SPI, UART, CAN-Bus, LVDS, FPGA-programmable I/O, and more.



The ultimate in configurable electronic modularity. An optional 7-inch touch display makes this product ideal for high-end control solutions. Completely app-based, Flex turns on instantly with zero boot time. Modular to the core, a large assortment of plug-in cards are available for any application. Combined with the app-based real-time system, creating quick-turn systems is literally a snap-in.