Industry 4.0!

ProTech's latest product offering. Designed for plug-and-go operation. Not to be confused with PnP, SmartStax modules are electronic units with very specific operations that are already pre-programmed to work right out of the box. Did we mention no programming? Quick assembly. Quick setup. Quick operation.

Replace that worn-out slow PLC with SmartStax. Or, augment your current PLC application. Either way, SmartStax modules provide a completely new layer of integration to any project. Sensor interface problems? Not anymore. ProTech is rapidly expanding the SmartStax product line with new modules.

Methods. Events. Streaming. All words associated with the software community. These are words that also describe SmartStax integration. With the SmartLync interface, familiar concepts are built-in to the hardware protocols.

  • Methods. Independent command channels than link host devices and guest devices with definitive functions. Never interfere with other processes again.
  • Events. Dedicated interrupts and cross-triggers provide fast, real-time event notification over the SmartLync network. You'll never miss a pulse again with guaranteed delivery.
  • Streaming. High-speed synchronous data transfers provide 32-channels of shared and uninterrupted data streaming. Excellent performance for data recording processing, even over long cable distances.