With Display


- Backplanes range from 4 slot to 16 slot.
- Optional 7-inch display.
- Large variety of plug-in cards available.
- Distributed power supplies include:
  3.3V, ±7V, ±12V, and 24V.

- App based software programs.
- Boots from flash drive.

Backplane Only (no display)



  • High speed analog-to-digital converter. Sample rate up to 150MSPS.
  • Fully differential analog input. Power bandwidth: 300MHz.
  • 16-bit resolution.
  • External synchronization to SmartLync clock and triggers.


  • Interface to ProTech's Industry 4.0 SmartLync™ network.
  • Methods, events, and streaming.
  • On-board DRAM for shared memory sharing over the network.
  • Real-time cross-triggering and event notification to less than 1-nanosecond.


  • 40 programmable I/O pins.
  • Signal level configurable to 5V logic, 3.3V logic, or 2.5 logic.
  • FPGA programming can define any interface.
  • Digital PLL available for synchronization.


  • 16 fully differential analog input channels. Input bandwidth: 100kHz.
  • Configurable input range for ±10V or ±40V.
  • Sampling rate per channel: 15ksps.
  • 16-bits of resolution.


  • 16 analog outputs. Single-ended drives.
  • Output voltage range configurable for ±10V or 0V-to-20V.
  • 16-bit resolution. Max output rate: 50ksps.
  • FPGA logic can be programmed to generate abitrary waveforms.


  • 24 analog inputs. Single ended.
  • Sampling rate per channel: 10ksps.
  • 16-bit resolution.
  • Digital filters available.


  • 32-bit microprocessor featuring the Freescale (NXP) V2 ColdFire processor.
  • Memory: 512kbyte flash and 512kbyte SRAM (expandable to 2M).
  • Fusion bus backplane controller.
  • Other features: USB-to-PC interface, flash card bootable, and battery-backed RTC.


  • System power converter. Accepts input voltages from 20V to 32V, nominal 24V.
  • Generates the following output voltages to the Fusion backplane: 3.3V, ±7V, and ±12v.
  • Each voltage output is capable of delivering 4W individually.
  • Protection for inrush current (set to 2.5A), short circuits, and thermal runaway.


  • 4-channel motor control, 2.5A drive capable each. External power option for 5V, 12V, and 24V motors.
  • Each output drive equipped with H-Bridge circuit with short protection.
  • All channels contain 4 programmable inputs for home switch, position switch, and 2-phase encoder.
  • Built-in motion controller with configurable acceleration profile, speed control, and position control.


  • Graphics generator and video drive for digital RGB signals to standard 24-bit LCD display.
  • Built-in command set for auto-graphics engine.
  • Standard command set created for lines, shapes, images, and text.
  • Resistive touch screen with calibration points for industrial applications.


  • A combination card which hosts six com ports and four discrete low-drive outputs.
  • Of the six comports, two conform with RS232, two conform with RS422, and two conform with RS485.
  • Each channel uses standard UART's with configurable baud rates, data bits(5,6,7,8), stop bits(1,2), and parity bit.
  • The two RS232 channels contain additional hardware handshaking signals for RTS/CTS.


  • Four channels of synchronized pulse I/O.
  • When configured for output, 50-ohm drive termination speed up to 50MHz. Rise/fall times less than 10nS.
  • When configured for input, fast comparitors and threshold configurations provide for fast clocks and syncs.
  • Internal PLL's and FPGA logic can be configured to distribute all I/O to internal LVDS pairs.